Spuffy S10

Seasonal Spuffy Spring 2021 banners

For the past round of seasonal_spuffy (theme: Truth or Dare) I made three banners. I made the first two for the banner contest, and the first one actually won! Then again, only 5 banners competed in total. I really hope more will be entered in the next round.

The third banner, which was a Fandom Trumps Hate gift, is a fic banner for "Something White", the second story in thenewbuzwuzz's meerkat AU.

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punk Spike

Vid: Spike - Feel It Still (Fandom Trumps Hate 2020)

It's here! My Fandom Trumps Hate 2020 gift for sea-changed, who made a generous donation to some charities that are doing really important work. I can't express how happy I was when sea-changed told me they wanted a Spike vid to this particular song, because I love both Spike and the song a lot. The vid took me a long time to make (for a large part because I was distracted by work and other projects), but sea-changed was there every step of the way with valuable feedback that made the vid a lot better than it would have otherwise been. In short, multiple big thank yous to sea-changed! I hope you will keep enjoying the vid, even though you've already seen innumerable intermediate versions of it ;-)

Anyway, here it is, the very final version:

If you like, you can download it -- here is a Dropbox link (44 Mb).

And note to everybody who reads this: I have again signed up for Fandom Trumps Hate. You can find my 2021 offers here (a vid and artwork). Bidding starts Monday! I challenge you to come up with a new vid request for me that is as much fun to make as this one has been.

Finally, there are some other good folks who are also offering Buffyverse art and fic; you can find all Buffyverse offerings here.
official cannon

Bye bye 2020

Time to revive an oldie. Because 2020 sucked all over the world, I thought I'd revise and re-use the image below. The original version was made for noel_of_spike in 2016. That year also sucked, but on a smaller scale than 2020. I wish everybody a much better 2021!

Art by the late, amazing Franco Urru (slightly edited by me) from the IDW "After The Fall" comics
Virus image from pixabay
Heat Desire

Wallpaper and banners: shirtless woodcutter Spike (and fairy Buffy)

Another seasonal_spuffy entry was my prompt fill for justwriter2, who wanted shirtless woodcutter Spike. In my interpretation of the prompt, he meets wood fairy Buffy, who seems to have taken a shine to him. I've also made a banner, in a daytime and a nighttime version. Wallpaper and banners are customizable in case anyone is interested in that. I also plan to let this one do double duty as my "free space" fill on my buffyversebingo card.

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