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Apologies for hardly commenting on anyone's posts, life is too busy right now  I did find the time this weekend to take part in the technical fan art challenge over at BuffyForums and fill another square in my buffyversebingo card (prompt "diary").

Click here for the full-sized wallpaper (1920x1080).

Credits: Screencaps are from https://hdbuffy.tumblr.com/, brushes are from daydreaming, here.

Angel 20th anniversary vid: Fools Rush Out

New vid! Featuring Angel like my previous one, but this time it's a serious vid. I made it to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Angel, and also to fill one of the squares ('fight') of my buffyversebingo card. It's a Not Fade Away episodic vid set to "Fools Rush Out" by the Stranglers. Yes, I know, another Stranglers song... But it just fits Not Fade Away so well.


Artwork: Vampire Diaries

I made the following diaries a long time ago, based on diary entries from Television without Pity that were inspired by the announcement of a new show, called The Vampire Diaries. So that was back in 2009!

Vampire diaries under the cutCollapse )
This was made for nekid_spike, combining the "Spike gets a pet" prompt and the First Line Challenge ("Sexy and Black and white"). There's some nudity, but it's worksafe enough.

Nekid Spike under the cutCollapse )

Illyria wallpaper

This is the first of three catching up posts, adding some stuff I posted elsewhere to my own LJ.

I made this Illyria wallpaper for a technical art challenge at Buffyforums, focusing on the use of the pen tool. it was my first attempt at using the pen tool, so that's one of the reasons why it looks a bit rough. (The other reason is that it was a rush job, as always.)

Full-size version here.

Credits: Illyria screencaps by me. Octopus photo by Brian Gratwicke.

Anya wishes you a Happy 4th of July

For those of you who celebrate the 4th of July, have a little something I made years ago for BuffyTube. Most of it is from JibJab, but the rabbit is mine :-)


Seasonal Spuffy: Merman Spike wallpaper

This is my final seasonal_spuffy catching up post, with a wallpaper I made for the Summer Solstice free-for-all day. Among the prompts to inspire us was a link to nationaldaycalendar.com, from which I learned that 21 June is National Sea Shell Day in the USA. Somehow, from there my brain came up with the idea of Spike being a merman. (And Buffy a Merpeople Slayer??)

Mer!Spike under the cutCollapse )

Seasonal Spuffy: Grease manips/wallpapers

For my posting day at seasonal_spuffy, I made a series of manips and wallpapers based on Grease. The carnival theme of the round reminded me of one of the last scenes of the movie, with Sandy and Danny singing "You're the one that I want" in the fun house. So I made a couple of Grease manips in which I recast Buffy as Sandy and Spike as Danny. I'll try to combine as many of them as I can in one big (huge) post, so I won't clutter up people's feeds too much.

The first one was a Spuffified version of the album cover of the Grease soundtrack.

Spuffy is the word
It's got groove it's got meaning
Spuffy is the time, is the place, is the motion
Now, Spuffy is the way we are feeling

Spuffy album cover behind the cutCollapse )

Then I did three manips + wallpapers based on screengrabs from "You're the one that I want".

Danger ahead behind the cutCollapse )
More danger ahead behind the cutCollapse )
Shake shack and more behind the cutCollapse )
Now that even the Summer Solstice Free-for-all is over, it's high time that I posted my contributions to the past round of seasonal_spuffy. The theme for the round was Dark Carnival.

I made three banners for the banner contest. Here are some icons I based on two of them; the banners are under the cut.

On to the bannersCollapse )

Buffyverse Bingo!

So, I haven't even had the time to post my seasonal_spuffy entries to my own LJ, and what did I do... I signed up for something else. What can I say? It looks like fun!

buffyversebingo buffyversebingo buffyversebingo

And here's the bingo card I got:Bingo card under the cutCollapse )