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Anya wishes you a Happy 4th of July

For those of you who celebrate the 4th of July, have a little something I made years ago for BuffyTube. Most of it is from JibJab, but the rabbit is mine :-)


Seasonal Spuffy: Merman Spike wallpaper

This is my final seasonal_spuffy catching up post, with a wallpaper I made for the Summer Solstice free-for-all day. Among the prompts to inspire us was a link to nationaldaycalendar.com, from which I learned that 21 June is National Sea Shell Day in the USA. Somehow, from there my brain came up with the idea of Spike being a merman. (And Buffy a Merpeople Slayer??)

Mer!Spike under the cutCollapse )

Seasonal Spuffy: Grease manips/wallpapers

For my posting day at seasonal_spuffy, I made a series of manips and wallpapers based on Grease. The carnival theme of the round reminded me of one of the last scenes of the movie, with Sandy and Danny singing "You're the one that I want" in the fun house. So I made a couple of Grease manips in which I recast Buffy as Sandy and Spike as Danny. I'll try to combine as many of them as I can in one big (huge) post, so I won't clutter up people's feeds too much.

The first one was a Spuffified version of the album cover of the Grease soundtrack.

Spuffy is the word
It's got groove it's got meaning
Spuffy is the time, is the place, is the motion
Now, Spuffy is the way we are feeling

Spuffy album cover behind the cutCollapse )

Then I did three manips + wallpapers based on screengrabs from "You're the one that I want".

Danger ahead behind the cutCollapse )
More danger ahead behind the cutCollapse )
Shake shack and more behind the cutCollapse )
Now that even the Summer Solstice Free-for-all is over, it's high time that I posted my contributions to the past round of seasonal_spuffy. The theme for the round was Dark Carnival.

I made three banners for the banner contest. Here are some icons I based on two of them; the banners are under the cut.

On to the bannersCollapse )

Buffyverse Bingo!

So, I haven't even had the time to post my seasonal_spuffy entries to my own LJ, and what did I do... I signed up for something else. What can I say? It looks like fun!

buffyversebingo buffyversebingo buffyversebingo

And here's the bingo card I got:Bingo card under the cutCollapse )

Video: Peaches (Spike/Angel crackvid)

This is a short Spangel crackvid I made for the 'Mix & Match' challenge at nekid_spike. Spike could be paired (or threesomed) with  Angel, Buffy, Willow and/or Xander. I opted for Angel. Just some silly fun!

ETA (July 2019): I've replaced the original vidlet with an improved, shorter version. The original version was short but not as short as it ought to be.
These are two pieces I recently made for nekid_spike.

The first was made for the prompt "Spike gets a job". I had Spike shanshu and take a job as a  fireman. There's mild nudity (shirtless Spike) but worksafe.

Fireman!Spike under the cutCollapse )

The second one was made for the Blind Date challenge at nekid_spike. The character I was assigned as Spike's blind date was Tara. So I had Tara and Spike meeting up at The Bronze. I'm not sure if Spike managed to make a good impression...

Tara and Spike's blind date under the cutCollapse )


Spring flowers part 2 (pink edition)

And this is part 2 of my seasonal_spuffy spring flowers project, inspired by flower symbolism and nmcil12's art style. This time, featuring the colour pink.

Spring flowers under the cutCollapse )

Spring flowers part 1 (yellow edition)

This was the first of my contributions to this year's Spring Equinox Free-for-All at seasonal_spuffy. It's part 1 of a little spring flowers graphics project, inspired by flower symbolism and nmcil12's art style. (I miss you, Cil!)

Spring flowers under the cutCollapse )

Spike in Hell-A and Angel in Bosch' Hell

New artwork featuring our two favourite vampires, made for two challenges over at Buffyforums. There is some nudity, but nothing that wasn't seen in the show, so it should be SFW.

The first challenge was from buffylover about the Buffyverse comics, with as prompts "Your best colour", "Your best Panel" and "The best character". Because of lack of time, I tried to be efficient by answering addressing all three of them in one go. Since my favourite character is Spike and my favourite comics artist is Franco Urru (RIP) I took a panel from Spike: After the Fall showing Spike being all badass, and I recoloured it. For the new colour palette I took my inspiration from my favourite colourist, Fabio Mantovani. He coloured, among other things, the final parts of Angel:AtF and the first parts of the IDW Spike series. After a first, less successful attempt this is what I eventually came up with:

Spike in Hell-A (recoloured)Collapse )

The second challenge was by Nina, "The Masters of the Low Countries". The idea was to take inspiration from/reuse parts of a painting by one of seven famous painters from the Low Countries (The Netherlands and Belgium). Since I've always loved the unlimited imagination of Jeroen Bosch, I took my inspiration from his famous three-paneled painting "The Garden of Earthly Delights", and in particular the Hell panel. Here, we see Angel in Hell, being tortured by Bosch' delightful little monsters:

Angel in Jeroen Bosch's HellCollapse )