Double Dutchess (double_dutchess) wrote,
Double Dutchess

Hello LJ world

Always doing the unfashionable thing, I finally gave myself an LJ account as a Christmas present. A very cheap present it was too, because I don't expect to be posting enough to merit a paid account.

I know BtVS fandom on LJ is no longer thriving as it once was, but I still look forward to making new online friends, connecting to existing ones, and getting better access to all the Buffy (or actually, mostly Spike) related goodness that can be found on LJ. I like all of BtVS and AtS, but Spike is the main reason for me to be in the Buffy fandom.

Due to a severe lack of time outside the holidays I won't be posting much, apart from the occasional vid or image. I don't manage to make more than 2 or at most 3 vids a year, but I still have some old stuff that I intend to post occasionally to make up for my lack of productivity. Also, I will do my best to comment on other people's work, but I'm afraid I won't have time to write anything longer or more thoughtful than your basic variations on "I like it".

Anyway, LJ here I come!
Tags: first post

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