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Mars Attacks (Spuffy version)

This is a brand new piece I did for SB Fag Ends, inspired by the prompt "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians". (I couldn't bring myself to include an actual Santa though, or even a Santa hat.)

All the credits go to the original artists: Franco Urru (art) and Fabio Mantovani (colouring).


Background info: the prompt reminded me of a cover by my favourite Angelverse comic artist, the late Franco Urru. He created the art for, among other things, IDW's Spike: Asylum and Angel: After the Fall. I made the following changes to his original cover (which can be found here):

1) In the original cover, Spike was just standing about doing nothing, so I replaced him with an image from another cover in which he has a more fighting stance.

2) Because Fag Ends is a Spuffy community, I of course had to add Buffy. Problem: Franco never drew Buffy, because of Dark Horse having the rights to the Buffy characters. So I used an image of Beck from Spike: Shadow Puppets and did my best to transform her into Buffy.

3) To cover up the original Spike and create extra space, I had to make various changes to the background. Not all equally succesful, but hey, I tried.