Double Dutchess (double_dutchess) wrote,
Double Dutchess

Vid: As Time Goes By (Hello Stranger) for Seasonal Spuffy

New vid! Made for the Spring 2017 round of seasonal_spuffy.  It's a comics based one that I tried to turn into a bit more than just a slide show.

Because of copyright reasons, YouTube has blocked the vid in 4 countries (including Germany). If you're in one of these countries, try the version on Vimeo.

Apparently the song "Hello Stranger" by Barbara Lewis has recently become popular again because it has been used in the film Moonlight, which I haven't seen. So maybe not an original song choice, but I decided to stick with it because I just couldn't think of any better song for the vid.

Note on the comics art: besides removing the text balloons, I made additional edits to some of the images, specifically those of Megan Levens. I just don't like how she draws Spike most of the time. (Her Buffy is OK though.)

Extra credits:
I stole the helicopter sound from Goodnight Saigon.
The comic scans I used came from buffythecomicslayer and Buffyverse Brasil.
Tags: comics, spuffy, video

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