Double Dutchess (double_dutchess) wrote,
Double Dutchess

LIMS BtVS round 13 icons

The current round of lims_btvs is not over yet (so  don't forget to vote in the final challenge!) but it is over for me. Here are the icons I made for this round, numbered by challenge:

1 2 4 5
I wasn't happy with my Oz icon at all, and I'm really lucky it didn't get me eliminated right off the bat. Based on the feedback I made a new version (1a below), but unfortunately that one sucks too. I still like the concept, but I guess it needs a better icon maker to execute it properly.

My Anya icon I was actually happy with, but it still got me eliminated. According to feedback, the icon was too busy and the font colours didn't fit with the rest. So I made a new, more subdued version (2a), but I find it a bit boring. I actually really like the bright pink (and it's on the Game of Life box too, anyway) so 2b is now my favourite version.

The Dawn icon I made for the comeback challenge (combining two textures from colorfilter; below are the single-texture versions) got me back into the game, but that only lasted until the next challenge. At least I got the chance to icon punk!Spike, which is always a pleasure. Below is a full colour variant, but I like the one with black and white Spike better.

1a 2a 2b
4a 4b 5a
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