Double Dutchess (double_dutchess) wrote,
Double Dutchess

Leader of the Pack icons and wallpaper

So, the end of the tedious Photobucket link replacement job is in sight. Just a couple more to go!

Along the way, I came across some more icons and artwork that I hadn't posted to my own LJ yet. They were made last October for the sb_fag_ends Halloween Challenge 2016. There's also a playlist. The prompt was "Leader of the Pack".


Erasure Spuffy wallpaper
(Click here for full size version)

Leader of the Pack icon Erasure icon Motorbike icon Harley Davidson icon Born to be Wild icon

YouTube playlist

The Shangri-Las -- Leader of the Pack. Of course this one had to be in there. Purely AU Spuffy.
Erasure -- Lay All Your Love On Me. Not your usual motor gang! Spike and Buffy play dress up.
The Stranglers -- Motorbike. Spike invites Buffy for a ride.
Brigitte Bardot -- Harley Davidson. Who needs a guy when you can have a Harley!
Steppenwolf -- Born To Be Wild. Another classic. Sired to be wild?

Tags: artwork, icons, playlist

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