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May 3rd, 2018 - Double Dutchess

About May 3rd, 2018

Seasonal Spuffy / knitting Spike for "In For A Penny" 01:30 am
People! There's another round of seasonal_spuffy coming up, and there is only one day that has not been claimed yet. So hurry up and grab that day while you still can!

This reminded me that during the previous round, I made a picture of Spike knitting, inspired by bewildermoth's wonderful fic "In For A Penny". If you want to know why Spike is knitting, go read that fic. And if you don't want to know, go read that fic too. The first chapter is here. We're getting a new chapter at the end of the upcoming round, and that's a treat I'm looking forward to.
Knitting Spike behind the cut.Collapse )
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