December 31st, 2019

Spuffy S10

Catching up post 1: Love Letters banners

Quickly, before the year is over, let me post some stuff I made this year that I didn't get around to posting before. It was all made for seasonal_spuffy (Fall round and Winter Solstice).

First, I participated in the banner contest for this year's Fall round of Seasonal Spuffy with two banners I made for the theme "Love Letters". The second one won the poll! Many belated thanks to those who voted for either banner.
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Heat Desire

Catching up post 3: Something Blue gifs

With many thanks to thenewbuzwuzz, who pointed me the way to gifcam, I made these gifs to celebrate the 20th years anniversary of Something Blue on seasonal_spuffy, AND to fill the "pulse" prompt on my buffyversebingo card.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to add text yet, otherwise the texts on the gifs in the third row would have been "Look at my poor neck. All bare and tender and exposed..." and "All that blood just... pumping away..."

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