January 1st, 2020

Spuffy cheers

Happy New Year 2020

Today I spent a wonderful day of not doing ANY work. Instead, among other things, I made a gif (which I recently learned how to do) to celebrate the New Year. I missed doing something for noel_of_spike this year, so of course it had to feature Spike. (But let's be honest, almost all my stuff features Spike.) Because I have been rewatching Torchwood during the Christmas holidays, I included Captain John in it as well.

Cheers to the New Year, wishing you all a good one!

Credits: the gif was made using gifcam, based on a tiny vid I made in Adobe Premiere Elements. (I still haven't figured out how to do text in gifcam). The Buffy clips come from HDBuffy. The Torchwood clip comes from my DVDs. I took the fireworks video from my bedroom window several years back.
Grease spuffy

My fandom year 2019

This year the Dutch verb 'niksen' (= to do nothing) got some international fame, but my year was spent doing the opposite of that. Given how busy I've been, to be honest I'm amazed I managed to produce so much fannish stuff. It did come at the cost of having been very bad at commenting on other people's work, for which I apologize. Hopefully I will do better at that in 2020.
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