June 1st, 2020

Spuffy flame hands

Video: Please, please, please (let me get what I want)

I'm working on another vid at the moment, but I took a break from that and managed to squeeze out a short vid for this year's Spring round of seasonal_spuffy. This is Spike's very own "pity ditty", set to a song by The Smiths. It's a lovely song, but I must admit one of the main reasons I picked it, is that it's under two minutes :-)

WARNING: contains some clips from Seeing Red.

Made using the HD Buffy episodes from hdbuffy.tumblr.com
Spike facepalm

Fic (generated using AI): It's a great story, don't

Summary: What do you get when you try to let a neural network write Spuffy fan fiction? Here you see one of many possible results. Some highlights: Spike losing his virginity while on LSD; an upsetting Buffy/Spike kiss leads to Spike's arrest; some Riley bashing for those who like that sort of thing; and Angelus owning a comics shop.
Word count: 1271 words
Rating: general audiences

About a year ago, I made some attempts at using AI to automatically generate Buffy fanfic. It didn't go that well, to be honest, but I decided to give it another try for this year's Spring round of seasonal_spuffy. I went for a longer story this time, and of course I tried to make it Spuffy (with varying success). The result was weird but fun!

So how was the story made? Everything except the words in bold was written by GPT-2, a state-of-the-art machine learning model for automatic text generation, using this online demo: https://talktotransformer.com/. You only need to give it a starting line as a prompt and then it generates a paragraph of around 100 words. To create a longer story, I fed each ending line back into the model to generate the next part, adding some words of my own to finish incomplete sentences and to (try to) get the story back on the Spuffy track.

Banner credits: screencaps hdbuffy.tumblr.com, font LCD Mono by Samuel Reynolds, background photo by mahdis mousavi on unsplash

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