August 5th, 2020

Spuffy S10

Making Of the Shoebox Diorama Part 2: glue, paper, scissors

The next step of making the shoebox diorama was selecting, editing and printing the comics images I wanted to use. Luckily, the Thursday before the summer solstice was my first day back at my workplace, and this meant I could abuse the colour printer at work to print the images. I forgot to print a few of the images, so not all of them are full-colour (most notably the Klimt poster and Buffy’s scarf). I printed out most images in multiple sizes, because it was difficult to estimate the best size and I hadn’t had time to make exact measurements.

For the actual physical execution. I started with the most important piece, that of Buffy and Spike of the bed. I wanted to make the bed three dimensional, but there was no way I could do that with Buffy and Spike themselves. So this ended up as a bit of a strange mix of two and three dimensional (images 1 and 2). I did the same thing with the dresser: the dresser itself is three-dimensional, but the vase with flowers and the tissue box on top of it are two-dimensional. This can be clearly seen in image 1 below, which also shows the backside of the dresser (made of the same cardboard box as the bed).

Image 1: top view of the diorama in the making.Collapse )