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Spike and Drusilla skating (vintage postcard manips, part 2)

Here's another set of images of Spike and Dru skating. I made these for nekid_spike (Winter Wonderland prompt). Again, the vintage postcards I used as a base are from my mother's collection.

ETA: and here are the original postcards that formed the base images. They are a lot of fun, because there is a postcard for each day of the week, and at the bottom there is a short poem (in Dutch) telling the story of a budding romance.

In my manips I left out this bottom part, because I didn't have the time or energy to translate the poems into English. And the story didn't really fit Spike and Dru anyway. That's also the main reason I didn't use the Monday card, because it would make no sense for Spike to visit Drusilla in her house. (Also, that card is a bit damaged and I didn't have time to restore it.) But below I'm providing English translations for the curious. Warning: they're very literal and with no attempt at rhyming.

Monday: Meeting.
"Skating, Miss! May I have the honour?"
"Sure, where will we be going, Sir?"

(Tuesday card is missing)

Wednesday: Lamentation.
"It is the third day of the week now"
"Let's hope that one of us will speak about love"

Thursday: Consideration.
"Let us give it some thought"
"What could give us the most joy?"

Friday: Answer.
"What if you were my lady"
"And you the man by my side"

Saturday: Declaration.
"Amor has forged our hearts together, my sweetheart"
"Forever faithful, I love you dearly"
Tags: artwork, christmas, drusilla, spike

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