Double Dutchess (double_dutchess) wrote,
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Spike against Satanklaas (2014 version)

Title: Spike Against Satanklaas (2014 version)
Medium: video (AtS crossover, AU)

As my first contribution to noel_of_spike, I posted a revamped version of an AtS crossover fanvid that I made 2 years ago. In the vid, Spike and the Angel team take on Sinterklaas, who is basically the Dutch version of Santa Claus (but in the vid he's really a demon). More details can be found behind the cut below.

And yeah, I know this post is a bit late -- 5 December would have been more appropriate, but then I didn't have an LJ account yet!

Background information: Saint Nicholas (in Dutch, Sint Nicolaas or Sinterklaas for short) is the Dutch version of Father Christmas / Santa Claus. He travels across the rooftops on his horse, and his helpers go down the chimney to leave presents for children who have been good. This takes place on 5 December (supposedly Saint Nicholas' birthday), not at Christmas.

In the Dutch horror thriller "Sint" (2010), "Saint" Nicholas is actually an evil robber from Medieval times who was burned to death on 5 December 1492, and since then returns every full moon on 5 December to go on a killing spree.

The vid is an AtS/Sint crossover where Spike and the Angel team take on the evil demon "Sint" Nicholas on 5 December. The song I used is "Satanklaas", a heavy metal spoof version of a popular Dutch Sinterklaas song (you can find the original version of the song here). This is a literal translation of the refrain:

Satanklaas, you know him well
Satanklaas, Satanklaas, we'll all go to Hell
Tags: ats, satanklaas, sint, spike, video

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