Double Dutchess (double_dutchess) wrote,
Double Dutchess

Catching up: miscellaneous comics stuff for Seasonal Spuffy

Warning, comics spoilers ahead!

First off, a very lovey dovey comics vid I made for the Spring 2018 round of seasonal_spuffy:

ETA: YouTube has blocked the vid so I've uploaded it to Vimeo instead.

Then, for the Summer Solstice Free-for-All, a quick reaction to the totally random Spuffy breakup that took place off-panel between the S11 and S12 comics, as a limerick and a visual:

Now that Spuffy has gone down the drain
All the fans are sad and in pain
They are tearing their hair
But they need not despair:
We know Seasonal Spuffy will always remain!

Finally, a more hopeful reaction to the end of S12, for the Fall Equinox Free-for-All on September 22:

Credits: the S12 comics artist is Georges Jeanty. For the second image, I used the digital comics from Buffyverse Brasil, and a font from dafont.
Tags: artwork, comic art, comics, spuffy, video, worksafe

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