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Catching up: Road Trip banners and wallpaper

Almost caught up! Here we are already at the Fall round of seasonal_spuffy, which had the theme "Road Trip". I submitted a banner for the banner contest and one regular banner. Finally, I made a wallpaper for the Free-for-All day in December.

This is my banner contest entry, featuring the magnificent artwork of the late Franco Urru:

Credit: artwork by Franco Urru from the IDW Spike series. I took the photo of the neon sign from here.

It was, unsurprisingly, not a very popular entry. I know that Franco's artwork is not to everyone's taste (strange but true) but what may have been more important, I think, is that Buffy is not very recognisable in this banner. She never appeared in the IDW comics, so I had to rework Beck to look like Buffy. Oh and the most important reason of all, of course, is that all the other entries were totally awesome!

For the round I also made a non-comics banner. To my surprise, none of the other banners this round had used the infamous RV from Spiral, and I wanted to remedy that situation:

Credit: screencaps are mine, from the HD Buffy footage kindly provided by; the background photo is by Sam Mgrdichian on Unsplash.

Finally, for the Free-for-All day on 21 December, I made a wallpaper using images from the wonderful Spuffy Aesthetic Pack javajunkie247 had contributed to the Fall round:

Links to full-sized images: banner 1, banner 2, wallpaper.

Tags: artwork, franco urru, spuffy, wallpaper, worksafe

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