Double Dutchess (double_dutchess) wrote,
Double Dutchess

Catching up (REALLY final post): gleeful Spike icons and banner

Oops, I forgot something with my catching up posts: four icons and a banner I made for a Banner/icon meme challenge by buffylover at BuffyForums. The challenge was (among other things) to create Buffyverse art based on "My best mood". For the mood I chose gleeful, inspired by James Marsters' quote (from a DVD extra, I think): If I only had one word to describe Spike, it would be glee... in all the wrong things.

So I made icons of gleeful Spike moments, and a banner:

Credits: burnedbreads (textures), hdbuffy (HD videos for screencaps), and dafont (fonts).

Bonus (just because JM looks so good here): a screencap of the interview with the quote. I don't know who made it:

Tags: artwork, icons, spike, spuffy, worksafe

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