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Seasonal Spuffy: Dark Carnival icons and banners

Now that even the Summer Solstice Free-for-all is over, it's high time that I posted my contributions to the past round of seasonal_spuffy. The theme for the round was Dark Carnival.

I made three banners for the banner contest. Here are some icons I based on two of them; the banners are under the cut.

Banner #1:

This is the closest the actual show ever came to a Dark Carnival, in Giles' dream from Restless. Spike is from Something Blue, because I needed a screencap of him matching kid!Buffy's giddy expression.

Banner #2:

Here we have Spike and Buffy at the carnival, Spike being very proud of Buffy's hammer swinging prowess! This is a revised version of the banner I originally submitted. The background I used here is actually the real background of the Spike image, which is incredibly fitting for the theme. Unfortunately, I only found a non-lettered version of the Spike comics cover after the submission deadline.

Banner #3:

Also, a slightly revised version of the original banner. (The difference is in Buffy's hair.)

High Striker banner and icons: the Spike image is from the cover of Spike After the Fall #4 by the Sharp Brothers. The Buffy image is from the cover of Buffy Season 11 #1 by Steve Morris. The hammer is the troll hammer from Season 5 (screen grab). The High Striker photo is by sfgamchick.
Spuffy selfie: the SMG photo is this one, the JM photo is this one. The ferris wheels are from photos by Vasile Tiplea and Peter-Paul Moschik, both on Unsplash. I'm afraid I can't find the source for the selfie hand anymore, nor for the circus border in the Restless banner.
Tags: artwork, icons, spuffy

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