Double Dutchess (double_dutchess) wrote,
Double Dutchess

Catching up post 1: Love Letters banners

Quickly, before the year is over, let me post some stuff I made this year that I didn't get around to posting before. It was all made for seasonal_spuffy (Fall round and Winter Solstice).

First, I participated in the banner contest for this year's Fall round of Seasonal Spuffy with two banners I made for the theme "Love Letters". The second one won the poll! Many belated thanks to those who voted for either banner.

The comics banner is based on S9 comics art by Rebekah Isaacs. The font I used is Love Letters, created by Aileen Lau from StimulEye Fonts, downloaded from The love letter is from Wikimedia.
The second banner was made using screen captures of the Buffy HD episodes from HD Buffy. The font I used is My Boyfriend's Handwriting from DJB Fonts, downloaded from The love letter is from

Tags: artwork, buffy, comic art, spike, spuffy

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