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Spuffy Christmas in bed diorama

I'm enjoying two weeks (yay!!) of Christmas holidays and that means I now have the time to spam everybody with the things I've made in the second half of the year. They were all made for seasonal_spuffy, so be prepared -- it's 100% Spuffy.

I'll start off in reverse chronological order with the most recent thing I did, because it's Christmas-themed, so a good occasion to wish all who read this a
Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays, if you're not doing Christmas)!
I hope you and your families are all safe and well, and can make the most of the holidays even if you have to celebrate them remotely or with other restrictions due to COVID-19.

Below the cut you find a Christmas version of the diorama of Buffy and Spike's bedroom in the comics that I made for the Seasonal Spuffy solstice free-for-all. As a bonus (not posted on Seasonal Spuffy) I added an extra picture at the end.

Right click the images to view them in full size.

Note: I know most people put their Christmas tree in the living room, not the bedroom, but my explanation for this is that Buffy and Spike saved a Christmas tree seller from vampires and to thank them, he gave them a Christmas tree for every room in the Scoobies' apartment.

Also a very short tour:

A note about the making-of: because it's winter, I thought Buffy and Spike needed warmer bedwear than in the original version of the diorama, so I put them in pajamas. The pajamas are fully detachable, like the clothes of a paper dress-up doll. Because I don't have access to a colour printer at home, I made the pajamas as well as the present of coloured paper, which I cut out and glued together in layers. It was a pretty fiddly task, but a nice way to spend the solstice.The Christmas tree, on the other hand, was pretty easy to make, especially as I already had some silver tape (for the toilet roll tree stand) and mini-garlands lying around. And the snowman in the box is of course a ready-made ornament.

Here is a close-up of the detachable pajamas (+present) I made for Buffy and Spike. I really shot myself in the foot by not giving Buffy long sleeves, because now I had to use transparent tape to attach the top part of Spike's shirt to the rest of the garment. Fortunately the tape is not too visible in the pictures.

Tags: "seasonal spuffy", artwork, buffy, christmas, diorama, spike, spuffy, worksafe

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