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Fairytales story banners

Back to re-posting my seasonal_spuffy entries! These are the banners I made for the banner poll, together with some variations. In full size they are all 900 px wide.

The first banner has Spike as a loyal knight, offering his sword to Buffy. I changed the original text to serve as a sample: if anyone is interested in having this as a story banner, I'd be happy to customize it. This banner was inspired by the "chiaroscuro" prompt on my buffyversebingo card.

The second banner was comics inspired; the thought behind it didn't go any deeper than "Hey! The theme is fairytales, and the S8 comics had a nice castle in them!" It was snatched up by Maggie LaFey (fra_apples) for her awesome story "Bring It On Home" of which the first two chapters premiered on Seasonal Spuffy. If you haven't read it yet, hurry up and do so :-) Here are the original version and the "Bring It On Home" version.

For the third banner I wanted to play with the idea of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, and that's why I had Buffy in her Halloween costume from Fear Itself and Spike in vamp face (sadly his teeth aren't showing as well as I would have liked). But this one was a real rush job; I only just managed to submit it before the deadline and I wasn't quite happy with it yet. So I went on and made some variations with different backgrounds.

What they all have in common is that in true Spuffy style, Little Red Riding Hood and and the Big Bad Wolf are teaming up instead of fighting each other. Variation 1 makes me think of a kind of post-apocalyptic or maybe Hunger Games like scenario, where Buffy and Spike have to join forces to survive. Variation 2 has more of a spooky vibe where they're trapped in a bony forest. And variation 3 is the most fairytale-like one, as this is clearly an enchanted forest they find themselves in. If they follow the misty trail, maybe they'll end up in a clearing with fairies dancing in the moonlight?


Variation 1:

Variation 2:

Variation 3:

Screencaps from the HD episodes at HDBuffy on tumblr
Buffy omnibus vol. 7 cover by Brian Horton and Paul Lee
Medieval banner from Clipartmax
Knight With A Sword Bowing The Knee from CanStockphoto
Shield from HiClipart | Roses with thorn from Pixabay
Buffy season 8 comics art by Georges Jeanty
Smoke by Pascal Meier on Unsplash
Fire by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash
Trees by Filip Zrnzević on Unsplash
Branches by Joshua Bartell on Unsplash
"Enchanted forest" by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash
Tags: "seasonal spuffy", artwork, ba, buffy, comic art, spike, spuffy

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