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Catching up post 3: silliness with narwhals

This August, sb_fag_ends celebrated its 5th anniversary with a comment party (posting and responding to prompts in the comments). Besides making a Spuffy cocktail version of Harmony's Spuffel fantasy from Buffy S10 #10 in response to the "Spuffy drink cocktails" prompt, I was also inspired to create some artwork by foxstarreh's narwhal prompt, or more precisely, by the delightful narwhal!Spike fic that shapinglight wrote in response to that prompt.

At some point in shapinglight's story, Spike wonders how he is going to eat without his horn getting in the way. Good question, I thought. Somehow I'd always thought that narwhals used their horns to spear fish, but on second thought that seemed rather impractical.

When googling to find out how narwhals do eat, I stumbled across a site with The 7 Most Interesting Narwhal Facts. Some of these facts turned out to be pretty interesting indeed (I thought so at the time, anyway) and inspired me to create some silly pictures:

 photo Fact1-unicorn_zpssmatjhbz.png

 photo Fact2-tusk_zpsbbdpezgl.png

 photo Fact3-tusk_zpsuu1uvpwq.png

 photo Fact4-corpse_zpsqc7royly.png

 photo Fact5-suck_zpsr94sqoxc.png

Bonus narwhals:

The narwhal photograph I used as a base is by Paul Nicklen (source).
Tags: #10, artwork, narwhals, spike

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