Double Dutchess (double_dutchess) wrote,
Double Dutchess

Catching up post 4: Seasonal Spuffy banner and icons

This year was the 10th anniversary round of seasonal_spuffy (theme: Look Both Ways). I participated in the banner contest with a banner based on Steve Morris' cover of Buffy S10 #12:

Of course, the competition was much too strong for me, with the super-talented boiiko as the rightful winner with a truly amazing hand-drawn banner.

For my posting day, I made a set of 12 Spuffy icons inspired by one of the first icon entries from 10 years ago, a great set by monanotlisa.

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12

It was great to participate in this historic round. So many wonderful entries! (I haven't caught up with all of the entries yet, in particular the fics, and I have not had time to comment on any entries since 26 November, but I'm planning to fix that.)

Many thanks to the organisers and participants, with a special mention for teragramm, who made this nice banner for participants, featuring one of my favourite panels from the S10 Buffy comics:

Tags: #12, artwork, icons, spuffy

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