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My fandom year-and-a-bit

Now that we're at the start of a new year, it's time to look back on my past fandom year, starting when I first got on to LJ at Christmas 2014. Below is a categorized overview of my vids, icons and other artwork that I debuted on LJ since then. I'm listing both new work and older work that I made before my LJ-days and that I had already posted in other places such as BuffyTube.

2015 was not a good year for me in terms of free time, but I'm pleased with how much I still managed to do. Many thanks to all my LJ friends and fellow fans who have welcomed and encouraged me -- I hope we will have more fandom fun together in 2016!


Broad Daylight (Spuffy) for sb_fag_ends
Bobby, Roger and Eileen (Angel /Spike/Buffy)

Reposted old vids:
JibJab Christmas Spikendales
Spike Against Satanklaas (spruced up version for noel_of_spike)
R.I.P. Robin Sachs (Ethan Rayne)
I Hate You (Spike/Angel)
Tea: A Tribute to Giles
Cruel Garden (Halloween in Sunnydale)


(With a special mention for red_satin_doll, who got me hooked on making icons and whose wonderful icons are a continued source of inspiration.)

S10 comics Spuffy icons for seasonal_spuffy
Giles/tea icons for summer_of_giles
Bright and Shiny icons for whedon_elite
Faith icons for whedon_elite
Looking back: 12 Spuffy icons for seasonal_spuffy
Animated Christmas icons (Spike) for noel_of_spike

Other artwork

Mars Attacks (Spuffy) for sb_fag_ends
Happy New Year (Spike)
Valentine Killer Boots (Spuffy) for sb_fag_ends (thanks to petzipellepingo for reminding me of this one!)
Searching for Jim story banner for sparrow2000
Cocktail Spuffy for sb_fag_ends
Narwhal Facts (Spike) for sb_fag_ends
Look Both Ways Spuffy Banner for seasonal_spuffy
Ghost Dru in the Woods for nekid_spike
Merry Christmas (Spuffy)
Spike Celebrates Sinterklaas for nekid_spike (locked, you need to be a member of the community to see it)

Reposted old artwork:
Last Christmas (Dru)
Chocolate Cupcake Spike

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