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Question: If you're a fan but you have no time to do fannish things, what do you do?
Answer: Let AI do it for you.

OpenAI's new language model for text generation has been creating some buzz during the past week, and tonight I've been playing around with the online demo. I gave it some first lines I made up (they're pretty bad) to see if it would generate something that could pass for Buffy fanfic. Here are the results :-)

Attempt 1
Buffy and Spike were walking in the graveyard when they saw a vampire. READ ONCollapse )

Attempt 2
When Angel entered Spike's crypt, the smell that hit him was Buffy's familiar vanilla scent. READ ONCollapse )

Attempt 3 (it's Anthony Stewart Head's 65th birthday today -- technically, yesterday --  so I had to try a Giles story as well)
Giles was doing research on the strange demon Buffy had seen while sipping his cup of tea. READ ONCollapse )

Try it for yourself, it's fun!

Wallpaper: Harmony and Spike in Paris

As it turns out, Spike did take Harmony to Paris after all, and she's having a blast during the New Year's celebrations! Spike is less amused though.

Wallpaper made for nekid_spike, combining two of this month's missions: Harmony and New Year's Fancy Dress Party.

Wallpaper under the cut.Collapse )

My fandom year 2018

So, another year over, and what have I done? Well, this:

My list of fannish output in 2018Collapse )

I'm so glad to be part of several wonderful BtVS communities here on LJ and elsewhere. As you can see from the list above, without those and the lovely people in them to inspire and encourage me to do fan art I'm not sure I would have gotten much done this year.


Franco Urru icons and New Year banners

My last project of 2018, I just made it before the end of year! It's a big bunch of Spike icons I made for noel_of_spike. They are based on the IDW comics artwork of Franco Urru, of whom I'm a big fan. Here are a few teasers. The other icons plus a few banners are under the cut.


On to the banners and icons!Collapse )

Artwork: Dreaming of a White Christmas

This is an oldie of mine that has just made its LJ debut over on nekid_spike (where it's sleepy weekend right now).

This is not Spike, but Simon from Chance (screencap taken by me). I don't remember where I got the snowflakes from. And yeah, I know Christmas is already over for this year, but that's no reason he couldn't still be dreaming about it, right?

Oops, I forgot something with my catching up posts: four icons and a banner I made for a Banner/icon meme challenge by buffylover at BuffyForums. The challenge was (among other things) to create Buffyverse art based on "My best mood". For the mood I chose gleeful, inspired by James Marsters' quote (from a DVD extra, I think): If I only had one word to describe Spike, it would be glee... in all the wrong things.

So I made icons of gleeful Spike moments, and a banner:

Banner and more under the cut.Collapse )
With this last post I'm fully caught up! (Now on to making some new stuff for noel_of_spike)

I contributed this vid to the Fall round of seasonal_spuffy. It has nothing to do with the theme of the round; basically I just wanted to do a quick & dirty (pun intended :-) vid project to play around with the gorgeous HD version of Buffy, kindly supplied by hdbuffy.tumblr.com. It's a vid about Buffy and Spike's relationship dynamics in Season 6.

Note: in case you're wondering about that last line, it's "Do you remember what happened to Lot's wife?" (A biblical reference -- she was turned into a pillar of salt for looking back at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.)


Almost caught up! Here we are already at the Fall round of seasonal_spuffy, which had the theme "Road Trip". I submitted a banner for the banner contest and one regular banner. Finally, I made a wallpaper for the Free-for-All day in December.

To the banners and wallpaper!Collapse )

Catching up: musical Spike manips

Both of these were inspired by debbicles from BuffyForums. It's Saturday Night Fever Spike and Nile Rodgers Spike!
Musical Spikes behind the cut!Collapse )