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Double Dutchess

Never grew up


  • I'm Dutch (as you might have guessed from my user name -- that's not an accidental misspelling).

  • I've been in the Buffy fandom since 2008, when I watched all of Buffy and Angel on DVD. I enjoy everything about these shows, but my very favourite thing about them is Spike -- he's the main reason I'm here.

  • I love comics (but not superhero comics) and I'm glad the shows have continued in comics format. I don't take the comics too seriously though. Except for After the Fall (a.k.a. Angel season 6) they are not part of my "head canon".

  • I enjoy discussing the show, reading fan fiction, watching fanvids and looking at fanart.

  • I make BtVS/AtS vids, at a very slow rate.

  • I also dabble in making fanart.